Advanced Gumroad Dashboard

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Do you sell a lot on Gumroad?

Do you want to have more insights about your sales than what you get from Gumroad?

Then check out the Advanced Gumroad Dashboard!

What is the Advanced Gumroad Dashboard?

The Advanced Gumroad Dashboard is a web app that shows your Gumroad data in a different way. Learn more about your products, your sales, and your users.

  • What products generate the most revenue?
  • From what countries do your users come?
  • How much revenue did you create in the last 30 days?
  • Which users spent the most on your products?
  • Which referrers bring the most users to your Gumroad store?

The data is presented in form of info cards, tables, and charts. With many sorting and filtering options, you can quickly find the information you need.

Try without risk! This product features a 7-day trial period! Or use the demo login data below for extensive testing!

Advantages to the built-in Gumroad analytics

  • Trend charts for products
    Learn how your sale and revenue numbers evolve over time.
  • All details about products, sales, and users
    Customizable tables with detail views show you everything you need.
  • Everything is in one place
    On Gumroad, you need to check the Products page, the Home dashboard, and the Analytics page to get all information. The Advanced Gumroad Dashboard makes it easier to get the information.
  • Find key users and products
    With one click, you can see your key users and key products at a glance.
  • Find correlations
    Are your Medium articles working? Does Youtube generate more sales? Do users react more to emails? The relation between different data sources can help you improve your earnings.
  • Easy data export
    Download your product, user, or sales data and use them in other tools like Google Docs or Microsoft Office.

UI samples

Get detailled information about your products, sales, and users

Info cards show important information at a glance

All tables can be sorted and filtered

Charts visualize your sales and earnings on the platform

Data tables provide various filter and export options

For more details have a look at the product screenshots. Or why not just try it out? You won't be charged anything during the first 7 days!

How to purchase?

Here are the steps for a successful purchase

  • Buy the product
    This is a subscription-based product and you can test it for 7 days for free.
  • Create an access token
    After the purchase, you will be redirected to a website to create an access token for the web app. Without the token, the web app can't read your data.
  • Wait for a data update
    Your data is updated daily at 12am CET. It takes at most 24 hours for your dashboard to be ready.
  • Access the dashboard
    Use your login information (email and license key) to access the dashboard.

The entire process is explained in detail after your purchase. In case of problems, write me an email and we will find a solution.


This web app does not work on mobile device with small display resolutions!


Q: Why do you need an access token to my Gumroad account?

A: The access token is needed to extract your product and sales data. With that data, your personalized Advanced Gumroad Dashboard is created. The dashboard doesn't work without an access token!

Q: Can I test the Advanced Gumroad Dashboard?

A: Yes, of course! Every subscription plan has a 7-day free trial period. If you cancel within the 7 days, you won't be charged anything. In addition, you can use the following login data to see the dashboard in action:

Go to, enter the credentials, and try out the dashboard as much as you want!

Q: Do you store the data in another database? What happens with the data?

A: Your product and sales data are stored in another database for performance reasons. It is only used for your personalized Advanced Gumroad Dashboard. When you cancel your subscription, the data will be deleted within 30 days.

Q: I have another question!

A: Send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

All memberships include a 1 week free trial

No refund after the free trial period!

This product features a free trial period. You can evaluate all functions of the product in the first week. After that, a refund is not possible. However, you can cancel your subscription at any time and won't be charged in future subscription cycles.

Last updated Sep 29, 2023

You'll get access to your personal Advanced Gumroad Dashboard with details and charts about your products, sales, users, and revenue!

€20 a year

Advanced Gumroad Dashboard

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